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Our Process


Time is your most valuable commodity. For many people health insurance has become very complicated and wearisome. To be informative and efficient, while on the phone together, we will provide you with a password that allows you to join our screen.

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 Pam S.

Warren is grrrrrrrreat!  Knowledgeable, friendly, reliable, helpful and patient.  He truly cares about his clients.  I have never met an insurance agent like this.  He made it very easy for me to… Read more

Jesse B.

Warren was very helpful in finding an insurance plan that fits my budget and needs. He is very patient and informative, taking the time to help you find the right plan, allowing you to see… Read more

Barry H.

Warren is the consummate expert in his field and has a wealth of knowledge about current and impending changes within the healthcare industry. He took the time to get to know me… Read more

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Why Choose Us?


Here at Shop 4 Health Plans we specialize in health insurance. We are your health coverage and health care reform resource and expert. What does that mean? Many agencies function as the Jack of all trades. They want all of your insurance business; I.E, auto, home, liability, business, etc.

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CALIFORNIA: Polling News on Health Care
CALIFORNIA: A new field poll reportedly suggests that California voters are strongly supportive of Proposition 45, a ballot measure that would give California Department of Insurance...
IRS Releases Draft ACA Tax Credit Reporting Forms
The IRS has released drafts of the tax forms that will be used to reconcile the amount of Advance Premium Tax Credit (APTC) received from an insurance exchange against how much the...
Covered Ca Announces 10 Carriers Selected for 2015
Covered California has selected 10 health insurance companies to be in the state health exchange in 2015. All 10 health insurance companies were in the exchange for 2014 and submitted...